Grants for Education

Funding materials, projects, and experiences to support McKinley

The Grants for Education Program supports student development by funding materials, projects, and experiences that extend beyond those provided by Arlington Public Schools.

The committee is comprised of parent volunteers who meet 3 times/year to solicit grant applications, determine approval, and distribute funds to grant recipients.

Funding and Evaluation Periods

Thanks to the generous support of the McKinley PTA community, the Grants for Education committee has a budget of $xxx for the 2019/20 school year.

Application deadlines for the three review periods are: October 23, January 15, and April 2. A portion of the total funds will be available during each of these periods.

Application guidelines:

    • Grants may be requested by any individual staff member, team of educators, or student group at McKinley. New teachers are encouraged to apply.
    • Applicants may submit one grant request per evaluation period.
    • Applicants are encouraged to attach to the grant request form documentation to support the amount of the requested grant if such documentation is available.
    • Applicants should indicate whether the grant request is time sensitive. Applicants should also indicate whether the activity could proceed with partial funding if funding is not granted at the requested level.
    • Grant request forms must be approved and signed by the principal before they will be considered by the PTA Grants for Education Committee.
    • A grant request for more than $1,000 must be approved by the PTA at large.
    • The PTA is not inclined to approve grant requests for materials or outings where it would be reasonable to ask the students’ parents to pay, but the PTA might be able to subsidize the cost for individual students in cases where payment would be a financial hardship for the student’s family.
    • Grant recipients should be prepared to provide detailed information to the PTA about the benefits of the grant and how the benefits can be shared or replicated within the McKinley community, if applicable.
    • Grant recipients will have to provide to the PTA Treasurer either the name of a third party organization to whom the grant check should be issued or, if the grant recipient is requesting that the check be issued directly to him or her as a reimbursement, a copy of an invoice indicating that the recipient has already paid for the approved materials.

How You Can Help

Review grant applications from McKinley staff three times each year and notify teachers of awards.

Contact the program chair(s) if you wish to help.

2019/20 Program Chair(s)

Craig Lowenstein (

Recent Grant Awards

2018/19 school year:

  • Classroom stools, cushions, area rugs, activity mats
  • Flex space seats and writing table
  • Wobble chairs, haptic desk items
  • Math dice and counters, movement mats
  • Scholastic Magazine, Let’s Find Out
  • Various classroom books
  • Pi Day materials
  • Signs and Skits (Student teaching materials)
  • Fountas/Pinnell Literacy K-8 for literary analysis
  • SpellCity App/Website access
  • BER training “iPad Technology”
  • Ohio Music Ed. Association Conference
  • VMEA Conference
  • MAP Learning Summit
  • AEP Conference (per diem)
  • Teacher Training (Kodaly certified educator)
  • Potomac Overlook Field Trip
  • Busses to DAR Hall for USAF Concert

2017/18 school year:

  • Social Studies and Science Non-Fiction Texts (Scholastic Reader)
  • Daily Reader Workshops (Caps for Sale, Where the Wild Things Are, Billy Goats Gruff, etc.)
  • Ohio Music Educators Conference
  • 2 Wobble stools and 2 Bouncy Seats
  • Pi-Math Day Materials (1st Round vs. 2nd Round)
  • Project-Based Math cases from Wake Forrest
  • FLES Stories
  • Spotify Renewal for P.E.
  • Story Books for reading comprehension
  • Counselors Conference
  • Seats for Special Education Children
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