Grants for Teachers

The PTA supports McK teachers and staff via grants distributed through the PTA Education Grants Committee. The committee is comprised of parent volunteers who meet 3 times a year to review and award grant applications. Participation on this committee is a great way to support our teachers and help them help our students.

Recent grants in 2017 include the following:

  • Social Studies and Science Non-Fiction Texts (Scholastic Reader)
  • Daily Reader Workshops (Caps for Sale, Where the Wild Things Are, Billy Goats Gruff, etc.)
  • Ohio Music Educators Conference
  • 2 Wobble stools and 2 Bouncy Seats
  • Pi-Math Day Materials (1st Round vs. 2nd Round)
  • Project-Based Math cases from Wake Forrest
  • FLES Stories
  • Spotify Renewal for P.E.
  • Story Books for reading comprehension
  • Counselors Conference
  • Seats for Special Ed. Children

For more information or to volunteer, contact Craig Lowenstein at

Here’s a look at what the PTA has supported in recent years:

2014-2015 School Year: The PTA awarded Education Grants totaling $7,500.00 in support of the following:
– sets of books and a kindergarten writing curriculum for teachers to use in their classrooms
– a two-year subscription (with CDs) to “Activate” magazine for the music program
– a 36-month online subscription to Rosetta Stone for beginner ESOL/HILT students
– materials for the FLES program
– a school-wide class by a Zumba instructor to complement the FLES curriculum
– attendance by McKinley staff members at the following:
* a Guided Math workshop
* a Virginia Society for Technology in Education conference
* a Response to Intervention conference
* the National Association for Gifted Children Annual Convention
* the National Science Teachers Association Area Conference on Science Education
– books, including popular fiction, historical fiction, and non-fiction books, for use by fourth grade teachers
– three additional sets of “Units of Study in Opinion, Information, and Narrative Writing” for Kindergarten
– therapy tools that will assist students receiving special education services with success in the classroom
– dance instruction by an artist-in-residence during P.E. classes for third, fourth and fifth grade students
– two online seminars for a 2nd grade teacher:
* CAFE (Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Expanded Vocabulary)
* Math Daily 3 (Math by Myself, Math with Someone, and Math Writing)
– a seminar on “Best iPad Apps and iPad Strategies to Increase Student Learning” for 2nd grade team and the ITC
– manipulatives (dice, cards, chess sets) to support the 4th grade math curriculum
– a set of 8 Junior Great Books (Series 4) for 4th grade students
– 10 pedometers for the PE program, to replace worn out and broken devices
– vocal music to use with 3rd-5th grade students
– Practical Strategies for Using Cutting-Edge Resources to Enhance Music Instruction conference for Music teacher

2013-2014 School Year: The PTA awarded Education Grants totaling over $5,000.00 in support of the following:
– 12 headphone sets
– a document camera
– dictionaries for teachers to use in their classrooms
– a reading comprehension program for use by the gifted resource teacher
– materials to supplement Reading Recovery Advocacy training
– audio flash cards on a USB to match the FLES curriculum
– books to create a parent resource library in the counseling office
– traffic cones and message boards for the McKinley Patrol
– rolling book crates for students to transport books from classrooms to the library
– 2013 Conference for Virginia Kindergarten Teachers for 3 McK teachers
– literacy seminars for 5 McK teachers
– National Council of Teachers of Mathematics conference for the McK Math Coach
– dance instruction by artists-in-residence during physical education classes