McKinley’s Back to School FAQs

How will the classroom will look and feel during concurrent instruction?

We’re still finalizing the specific design and layout of each classroom, and every school in APS may implement their designs differently based on space and resources; but overall the layout will be similar to a ‘regular’ classroom – the teacher will still be at the front for instruction, using a lavalier microphone to ensure virtual students can clearly hear him/her as they teach. Their teaching materials – lessons, presentations, etc. – will be projected on the board or screen in front of the class and will mirror what the students at home will also see on their iPads. Virtual students will also be visible to the teacher – either on a screen in the room or a monitor near the teacher so she can engage them concurrently with the in-person students. Here’s a video that can give you a better idea of how the room might look and feel during class. 

Will the students in the classroom be on their iPads all day during class?

No, students will only be using iPads for specific activities or lessons as determined by the teacher. As a general rule, we want to limit iPad use in school so as not to burden the network infrastructure and provide more hands-on time with activities in the classroom.  However, students will need to use iPads to access instructional apps and to communicate with their virtual peers from time to time.


How will students in the class see and connect with their virtual classmates?

This is still being finalized but students in the classroom will likely be able to either see their classmates on a monitor near the teacher or on a larger screen in the back of the room. See this video for an example.

Do I need to purchase new headphones for my child to use while in-person at school?

No, you should have your child bring his/her headphones they’ve been using to date for virtual instruction to school.

What changes will there be to how kids enter/exit the school?

Check out this document from Colin that provides more detail on:

  • School hours
  • Drop off/Pick up
  • Entry/exit of the building
  • Lunch and recess
  • Walking to school

Can someone other than a parent pick up or drop off my child for hybrid?

Yes, just be sure they are listed in your ParentVue account as a designated adult.

How will concurrent work for classes taught by multiple teachers (e.g. 5th grade math)?

At this point, we believe teachers will transition between classrooms to avoid a larger student transition.  This will allow teachers to “bring” the content to the students.

Is it true that kids have to be spaced 10 feet apart during recess?

No, as this would be incredibly challenging to enforce with existing resources. Students will however be spaced 10 feet apart (essentially a circle) for PE, but not during recess. PE teachers will oversee the distancing to ensure students are able to complete their activities successfully.

Why aren't you requiring all students to eat outside?

Our approach to meals remains flexible – we’ll have in-classroom (with shields, not facing each other) at their distanced desks, in-cafeteria spaced at least 10 feet apart (with shields, not facing each other), and outside, weather permitting. We wanted to retain maximum flexibility given the number of students eating at any given time and the need to change based on space and weather factors.

Does my child have to re-screen at school if they go with a guardian or caregiver?

No, you can take a screen shot of the ‘green check’ screener result (just make sure it has the current date) and send that with the guardian or caregiver who is dropping off your student.

Do I have to fill out this health screener if my child is in virtual, only?

Yes, you have to still fill out the screener each weekday. You can set notification preferences in ParentVue, but unfortunately you can’t turn it off completely, only change the channel (e.g. phone or email notification). You can ignore it on the weekends, however. 

Dropping off two kids (walkers) with separate designated entrances. Is that two drop offs at the two separate entrances or is there a way to consolidate?

No, you can come to one entrance with both students. Staff are giving students a green pass to get into classrooms after being screened at the doors

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