1. Webinar, TODAY at 12:30: APS is hosting this webinar to share their analysis of the alternative proposals that were submitted by the community. https://www.apsva.us/engage/planning-for-2020-elementary-school-boundary-process/community-webinar-on-on-elementary-planning
  2. Public Hearing, Thurs 1/30 at 7 pm: Mark your calendars to attend and I also encourage you to sign up to speak: https://www.apsva.us/school-board-meetings/sign-up-to-speak/ I will be in TX for work but am happy to help any of you who want to speak and need talking points, an editor, moral support, etc–just let me know.
  3. Adult Gathering, Sun 2/9, 8-10 pm: No matter which way the vote goes on Feb 6, we deserve to gather and heave a collective sigh of… something. The PTA presidents of McKinley, Key, and ATS have agreed on Punchbowl Social in Ballston as the centrally-located spot for this gathering. Kids welcome too, if you like, but our intention is to raise a glass together in recognition of our collective hard work.
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  • Jan 2: Sign up opens to speak at the 1/9 School Board meeting: https://www.apsva.us/school-board-meetings/sign-up-to-speak/
  • Jan 2 & 3: Reid Goldstein is meeting with Nathan McQueen and me to talk about the various alternative proposals that have been developed and get a better understanding of what we are seeing in the data. (Nathan is the powerhouse here–I am talking to Reid on Fri morning about Emily Chen’s “no moves” scenario, prepped by Emily.) If you speak with Reid, please let him know how much you appreciate him taking the time to engage with us in this way.
  • Jan 6: Office Hours with Barbara Kanninen, 5-7 pm
  • Jan 7: Regular McK PTA meeting, 7 pm in the school library. We have a couple of brief updates about the Instructional Program Pathways and the Family Life Education curriculum, but we’ll also spend a chunk of time on APS stuff.
  • Jan 9: School Board meeting at 7 pm
  • Jan 13: Office Hours with Reid Goldstein, 5:30 – 7:30 pm. Mary attending CCPTA meeting to try and generate more support from other PTAs and CCPTA.
  • Jan 21: Office Hours with Tannia Talento, 8:30 – 10:30 am
  • Jan 27: Office Hours with Nancy Van Doren, 5-7 pm
  • Jan 30: Public Hearing, 7 pm
  • Feb 3: Office Hours with Monique O’Grady, 6-8 pm
  • Feb 6: School Board Meeting and Vote, 7 pm
  • Ongoing: Jon Judah and Jen Myers are working with parents from ATS who have PR/media experience and contacts. They’re developing pitches for reporters and exploring a change.org petition. If 1 or 2 more McK parents with relevant experience/contacts can help them out, that would be great. Please contact Jen or Jon directly, or you can email me.
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Come in from the cold and join your McKinley family for some winter-themed fun!


Tickets are $.50 each when purchased at the festival. SAVE over 15% WHEN YOU PURCHASE TICKETS IN ADVANCE


(This form accepts payment via PayPal only.)


It takes a little time from a lot of volunteers to make this event a success. Choose to staff a game, sell tickets, or even try your hand at face painting. Join the party, and sign up here!


  • Cake Decorating Contest (2nd-5th graders): Bring your decorated cake for the contest on FRIDAY, January 24th. Cakes should be decorated by the students. Be creative and incorporate the Winter Wonderland theme!
  • Bake Sale and Cake Walk (everyone!): Bake or purchase goodies for the cake walk and bake sale! Bake sale items should be labeled and individually wrapped in plastic or baggies.

Bakers, view details/rules and sign up here!

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WinterFest is coming January 25 from 10 am-2pm. It takes a little time from a lot of volunteers to make this event a success.

You may choose to staff a game, sell tickets, or even try your hand at face painting. For classroom games we generally seek 2 volunteers/hour, but the 2 volunteers can be you and your kiddo (we saw many kids loving to help last year by handing out prizes and recruiting friends to play).

Join the party, and sign up here!

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Registration for the Winter 2020 session is NOW OPEN!

REGISTER and access the full description of programs online at: bc-arl-mckinley.jumbula.com.

For general program questions and more information, visit the tabs at the top of this page.

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