Slides from PTA Discussion About APS Boundary Changes

On November 4, your McKinley PTA held a special meeting to discuss APS’s latest proposal for the 2021 elementary school redistricting.

The slide deck is available for review: McKinley-Elementary-PTA-Boundary-Slides.pptx


A number of people have reached out to say they are planning to talk to school board members, civic association leaders, and others about what’s going on, and they’ve asked me what our talking points should be at this point in the process. For what it’s worth, my strong feeling is that our message should be some version of the following:

  1. Scenarios Don’t Compute: From the data that’s been made available to date, it’s not clear to us how APS arrived at the two scenarios it has presented. 
  2. Reboot the Process: Any process that proposes changes of this magnitude should be completely transparent and data-driven. Thus far, this process has not been. We are urging APS to take a big step back, engage the community, and “show their work.” More information about the process we think makes sense can be found in the letter from the McKinley PTA to APS.
  3. No Vote on Feb 6: There is no way to know if the combination of school moves plus subsequent boundary changes will yield the long-term, positive solution for the county that we all want UNTIL we have worked through the whole process. For that reason, it’s premature for the School Board to vote on boundary changes on Feb 6 and we are urging that no vote be taken until we have seen what results from the process as a whole (combination of school moves and boundary changes still necessary to address one or more of the six factors that go into any boundary change.)

I hope this is helpful. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or suggestions ( Thanks for your support and engagement!

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