Letter to APS Regarding Proposed Boundary Changes

This morning I sent a letter from the McKinley PTA to APS staff requesting a process change and asking some initial, foundational questions about the information and proposals APS has shared to date. The final version of this letter is available here and may be shared with others outside our community (note that representatives from the School Board, FAC, and CCPTA have already been cc’d). 

To avoid any confusion about “what McKinley sent to APS” we’ve removed the draft version of the letter, but if you’d like to compare versions please email me and I’ll be happy to help.

30 of you provided feedback after Monday’s meeting that informed my letter revisions and I am incredibly grateful for your contributions–the result is stronger because of your involvement. I hope you see your feedback reflected in the final version–I worked hard to try and incorporate what I was hearing and still keep our communication clear and focused. 

I will, of course, be sharing out what I hear, both in response to the letter and in response to our request for a meeting date with APS staff members sometime this month.

Thanks for all you do, Mary

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