Joining the PTA

PTA Membership is available for a $15 annual fee for up to two adults. Membership includes access to member discounts with retailers nationwide. Funds support McKinley PTA activities, as well as the local, state, and National PTA. Our ability to provide so many great programs for our teachers, administrators and school staff is partly driven by our PTA membership dues, so we thank you, in advance, for your support.

The link to the NEW PTA registration site will be available early October. Please stay tuned.

IMPORTANT CHANGES in the school directory and PTA membership process:

Last year we utilized a system from the National PTA to assist us with the PTA, directory and fundraising campaign. We are NOT using this system for 2018-2019. You may still be receiving emails from them about registering for the PTA for this school year. You are welcome to do so in their system and we will be alerted to this. However, you will still need to use our new AtoZ Directories system if you wish to be a part of the directory or participate in the fall fundraiser. So, you may find it easier to just use the AtoZ Directories system when it becomes available. You may also choose to unsubscribe from the National PTA emails.

Two things happened over the summer. First, we made the decision to work with a new vendor to publish our school directory so that we can offer both online and print versions. Second, the state of Virginia passed a law that restricts the ability of schools and districts to share family contact information with outside groups (including PTA’s). This means a NEW PROCESS to share your info with the PTA, get included in the directory, and join the PTA.

  • Step 1:
    Your child(ren) will receive an APS First Day Packet at school on their first day with forms and important documents for you to review and complete. On the “2018-19 Release of Student Information Form” — please check that you will OPT-IN to share your contact information with the PTA. (In previous years, it was opt-out rather than opt-in.)
  • Step 2:
    Based on this information, the PTA will get a file of those families who have opted in. We will use this information to create our online and print directory. We are expecting to receive this file by the end of September.
  • Step 3:
    We will share this information with our online directory vendor, AtoZ Directories. (They do not share your info with anyone else.) You will receive an email from the AtoZ system inviting you to confirm your contact and family information on their web site. You decide which pieces of information you want to provide. Families will be given several reminders to login and verify their information. Once the suggested timeline has passed, the online directory information will be available via the password-protected AtoZ Directories app and we will begin the process of printing the paper directory books.

As part of the review and verification process on the AtoZ Directories site, you will have the option to order copies of the print directory (the online version is free), join the McKinley PTA, and contribute to the PTA’s fall check-writing campaign. It is your choice to participate in any of the directory, PTA membership and/or fall fundraiser options.

While the overall process will happen later this year than in the past, the importance of the PTA membership and fall fundraiser remains the same.


More ways to stay informed:

  • Join the McKinley PTA Yahoo Listserv (click here): The PTA Listserv is moderated by the McK PTA, and will keep you updated on school and community issues affecting students and families in the McKinley community.
  • Make sure you’re signed up for APS School Talk (click here): APS School Talk is a service provided by APS. You will receive general APS information via this service, as well as McK’s ‘Cardinal Notes’, a weekly e-mail update from the McKinley principal with a blurb from the PTA.