Directory, Membership and Fall Fundraiser Information


At the beginning of the school year we provide each family with an opportunity to:

  1. Join the PTA;
  2. Order a school directory (or multiple copies); and
  3. Contribute to our fall fundraiser (the Check Writing Campaign)

NEW FOR 2018: Online PTA Portal is NOW LIVE!

Our new online directory and PTA membership portal is now live:! This system allows families to verify and edit their own directory information, join the PTA, and contribute to our fall fundraiser. If you have opted in to share your information with the PTA, please look for an email from McKinley PTA. 

To ensure we have the most up-to-date information for your family, please follow the instructions in the email and verify your data using the Verification Wizard. This will only take 5-10 minutes of your time. We ask that all families complete the verification by October 30.

Joining the PTA

PTA Membership is available for a $15 annual fee for up to two adults. Membership includes access to member discounts with retailers nationwide. Funds support McKinley PTA activities, as well as the local, state, and National PTA. Our ability to provide so many great programs for our teachers, administrators and school staff is partly driven by our PTA membership dues, so we thank you, in advance, for your support.


Each fall McKinley prints an annual directory. This includes important contact information for staff and families. Directories are available for purchase for $4 each, priced to cover our printing costs. You can select how many copies you would like. Even if you do not want to purchase a directory we encourage you to include your information in the directory. The information that you provide APS at the beginning of the school year will be provided to us if you OPT IN to share your info with the PTA. You will have the ability to review and verify this information on the AtoZ Directories website before it is printed in the directory. You can also decide what specific information you want to be provided.

Fall Fundraiser

Dislike catalog sales as much as we do? We take the fuss out of fundraising!

We call it the “check-writing campaign” for a reason. There are no awkward catalog sales to push on unsuspecting family and neighbors. We simply ask that each McKinley family “write a check” (or use the NEW online form!) to contribute to the PTA.

Our goal for this important annual fundraiser is $25,000. This is our major fundraiser for the year (note that the Silent Auction is taking this year off). A suggested contribution of $75+ per household will help us meet this goal. Your contribution is tax-deductible and will help McKinley PTA provide resources, programs, and information that help our students, teachers, and families.


Q:  Where do I go to join online?
A:  In late September or early October you will be sent a link to our new AtoZ Directories where you can join the PTA, as well as contribute to our fall fundraiser and indicate your participation in our directories (print and/or online).

Q: What is this “Release of Student Information Form?”
A: The state of Virginia passed a law this summer that restricts the ability of schools and districts to share family contact information with outside groups (including PTA’s) without specific permission from each family. This form gives you the ability to provide that permission via an opt-in. Please select “Yes” on the form in Part 1.

Q:  What about my data?
A:  Whether you join the PTA, contribute to the fall fundraiser or participate in our directory, neither McKinley’s PTA nor AtoZ Directories will give out your information for marketing purposes. Your personal information is primarily used for the annual directory; access to contact information in the directory is available only to members of the McKinley community.

Q: I keep getting emails about the National PTA or Virginia PTA system; what are these?
A: Last year we utilized a National PTA system, but we are NOT using it this school year. You may still be receiving emails from them about registering for the PTA for this school year. You may choose to unsubscribe from these emails.

Q:  What about security?
A:  Data security is very important! We selected the AtoZ Directories system because it is used by many other APS schools and they do not have access to your information for marketing or other purposes.

Q:  What if I need to change something after I have completed the review and verification at AtoZ Directories?
A:  You may update your information at any time in the AtoZ Directories system. As of a specific date this fall (that we will tell you about when it is determined), your information will go into our print directory. The print directory will not be updated after that time, but the online directory will.

Q:  Why can’t you pre-load my data from last year?
A:  Because of the new Virginia law, we are unable to use past data. Going forward, once you opt-in to providing us information, this will be able to be re-used in the future, subject to your ongoing permission each school year.

If you have questions about the new directory/membership process of any general PTA questions, please contact PTA President Mary Kadera at If you have specific questions about the online or print directory, please contact Jenn Wagener at