Dec. 2 Joint Letter for APS Regarding School Moves

Two quick updates:

  1. Joint letter:
    On Dec. 2, I sent the Arlington School Board a letter requesting that they advise APS staff that the School Board will not take a vote on school moves in February. This letter is attached. It was cosigned by six other PTAs and together we represent more than 2,700 families across the county. 

    I had hoped that additional PTAs would sign on, but it’s become clear that *many* school communities not immediately impacted by APS’s two proposals are only beginning to educate themselves about what’s going on, and hence many felt it was too early for them to sign on. Nevertheless, I hope the letter will make an impression on the School Board, and I plan to speak at the Dec 19 School Board meeting to underscore the importance of better data and a better process. 

    I know that many of you are reaching out to APS and School Board members individually, and I encourage you to drive home the points that we see serious flaws in both the data and process, and we are alarmed that it will yield poor results for the county (not just for McKinley). More on this when we meet this Thursday.

  2. Thursday’s special PTA meeting:
    This Thursday night at 7 pm there will be a special PTA meeting for current McK families and staff in the school cafeteria. We’ll talk about what we’re seeing in the data, what it means for both McK and the county as a whole, and what we can do moving forward. I encourage you to attend.
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